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Get yourself on the below awards and achievement list in the future!

2012 East 3 Champions
2011 East 2 Champions
2011 Minor Plate Champions
2010 Premiership Champions
2009 Senior Six-a-Side Champions
2008 Int Six-a-Side Champions
2007 Int Six-a-Side Champions
2008 East 1 Champions

We have had many successful players who have represented at different levels they include:

Harry Armitage – South 1st Team BNCs 2014
Matthew Brannigan – South BNCs 2011
Mark Buckley – International Referee WC2014
Dave Groves – England U17, Medaille College 2014-present (Buffalo – D3)
Steve Groves – South Masters Team 2013-15
Danny Kelly – England Acadamy 2010, South BNCs 2011
Aubry Salmins – England Acadamy 2010
Lucas Salmins – South Juniors, Latvian National Team – EC 2008
Lester Salmins – South Juniors, Latvian National Team – EC 2004, 2008
Bertrand Salmi – French National Team WC2010
Seb Shead – South Unis
James Small – England Acadamy 2010
Andy Thomas – Yorkshire BNCs (Champions) 2014
Hamish Tiley – South Junior Team, Wales National Team BNCs 2015, South 1st team BNCs 2014
Kyle Witt – Premiership Champion (Hampstead) 2012, German Premiership Champion, Italian Premiership Champion

A Little more about us and Lacrosse

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New to lacrosse? Lacrosse is a fast paced game where players pass, shoot and carry a ball in their stick. The aim of the game is to score as many goals as possible. Watch any Youtube video and you’ll get the idea but here are a few good ones!

Mens – here
Womens – here
All too fast? here’s some slow mo!